With Google ever increasing its share of the world search market, Microsoft is trying anything to get you to switch to Live Search. Earlier this year the company introduced its Cashback program, whereby it offers considerable discounts to consumers who search and buy products through their search engine. Now, building up on that idea, the software giant is launching a new rewards program.

Dubbed SearchPerks, Microsoft's latest scheme gives users "tickets" for using Live Search that can later be redeemed for prizes - 25 tickets gets users a free music download, 500 gets them 1,000 free air miles on select airlines, and so on. All users need to do is download a small program which tracks their search queries in exchange for up to 25 tickets a day.

There are some caveats, though. The latest program doesn't just require one to use Microsoft's search engine, but also its Internet Explorer Browser - users of Firefox, Opera, Chrome or Safari are out of luck. The SearchPerks program is available until the end of the year or until 250,000 people sign up.