Nvidia announced today the introduction of new integrated GPUs, these ones wading into foreign waters. The new GeForce 9300 and 9400 "motherboard" GPUs will be embedded into Intel platform motherboards, bringing what Nvidia calls "desktop" performance into integrated graphics.

The 16-core CUDA-supporting GPUs on paper have decent specifications, especially when compared to Intel GMA units. With Intel currently having an overwhelming majority of the integrated graphics units in the world and performance somewhat lackluster, Nvidia doesn't have to do much to impress - and a 9-series GPU built into a motherboard could prove to be a good sell. Among other selling points, Nvidia claims the GPU can handle any HD content with ease, including native processing to reduce load on the CPU.

What's more, the GPU is small enough to be embedded into SFF motherboards, making it that much easier to have a media center with a potent GPU.