Gigabyte is looking to expand its netbook line next year with plans to introduce models that carry built-in 3.5G modules. These netbooks will be aimed at the ultra-mobile sector, though it remains unclear how the device will function with existing cell services, whether they will work with any carrier's SIM or if the device will be tied to a certain service provider.

As the line between smartphones, netbooks and so-called 'mobile Internet devices' blurs year after year, the technologies each one of these can employ increases. You can get cellular data cards for laptops and most smartphones have Wi-Fi access and some even have VoIP clients. This trend doesn't seem to be looking for a stop next year.

Gigabyte also took the time to talk about hardware, claiming they want to focus more on branded products and not so much on OEMs where margins are narrower. The company expressed concern about shipment forecasts for motherboards and graphics cards in the coming quarters, though that's nothing out of the ordinary considering the current economic climate.