Intel could push back the launch of its mainstream Core i7 desktop processors, codenamed Lynnfield, along with its P55 chipset by at least a month. This according to DigiTimes, which claims the poor economic conditions have created significant overstock problems that will require motherboard makers to continue selling their current P4x-based hardware for a bit longer.

The two products were initially scheduled to be launched by the end of July this year, but apparently won't arrive until late August or early September, perhaps even at a later time depending on the market situation. Considering that Intel just announced its Q4 2008 profits were down 90 percent from the same quarter in 2007, one can only assume the chipmaker itself has plenty of unsold inventory, and is in no condition to argue with its motherboard partners.

In fact, rumor has it that these same overstock problems will force Intel to announce a price cut on Monday, affecting its line of Core 2 Quad processors. Meanwhile, it is also being reported that Intel has been forced to put off their transition to DDR3-only products until 2010 over pricing concerns, and they will be joined by AMD which has also delayed adoption due to technical difficulties.