Last week we first started to hear about some new Intel processors for lower priced thin and light notebooks. Besides the obvious fact that these new chips are meant to compete with AMD's recently-announced Yukon ultra portable notebook platform and their Athlon Neo processors, few details were available at the time, but now DigiTimes is coming out with some fresh information.

According to sources at notebook manufacturers, the new consumer ultra low voltage platform (CULV) should be hitting shelves in the second quarter of 2009 and is intended for systems priced between $699 and $899. Interestingly enough, it is being rumored that a 13.3-inch HP Mini note will arrive in June based on the CULV platform instead of the Atom Zxx due to "Intel's insistence." DigiTimes also claims that at least the "top three" notebook makers are planning to deliver their own CULV powered systems, which implies Dell and Acer could also be involved.

With this, Intel hopes to divide the laptop market up into four clearly identifiable segments for 2009, which include Atom (and later on Pineview) based netbooks, traditional 12.1 inch and above notebooks, Menlow-powered MIDs, and ultra portable notebooks based on CULV with sizes varying between 11.1 and 13.3 inches.