Microsoft may have shut the door on its Windows 7 beta download program, but as the company continues to work hard towards a release candidate, a few newer testing builds of its upcoming operating system are bound to leak onto torrent sites. This past weekend, for instance, the 32-bit version of build 7022 started to appear on piracy networks with promises of better stability and increased performance.

It is labeled as build 7022.winmain.090115-1850 which indicates it was built nearly a month ago and thus you shouldn't expect any of the UAC changes Microsoft has recently promised. Nevertheless, it does carry other improvements such as a noticeably faster installation, a release candidate of IE8 and some minor UI tweaks. Emil Protalinski over at Ars Technica has compiled a list of things that have changed since the public beta, or build 7000, which is worth a quick look.

Additionally, German site has posted screenshots of a 64-bit Enterprise edition of build 7032, which comes just days after build 7022 was leaked to torrent sites and goes to show Microsoft is really pushing ahead to get Windows 7 released in time.