According to “confidential documents” obtained by the New York Times, T-Mobile is set to launch two new devices running on the Google Android platform early next year. This time however the company will venture into unchartered waters, moving the open source platform away from just smartphones and into other devices, including both a home phone and a tablet computer.

T-Mobile is of course mum on the details but admitted that “several devices based on Android” are currently in development. Not much is known about either device other than that the home phone will plug into a docking station and also come with another device used to synchronize data while it recharges the battery. The tablet computer, on the other hand, will feature a 7-inch touch screen and lack a physical keyboard.

So far, T-Mobile remains the only operator selling Android-based hardware on the United States but the platform has been drawing more supporters recently. Motorola is expected to sell an Android phone by this October and HTC – manufacturer of the T-Mobile G1 – will offer additional Android handsets soon. Meanwhile, there have been several rumors about Android making its way to netbooks as well.