If you've ever used Gmail through a smartphone's web browser, you know that while it is not as sophisticated as the standalone mobile app, Google has gone great lengths to make it an easy to use service. Now it's about to get even better, at least for two platforms, following a recent update to the web-based version of Gmail. Specifically, Gmail via web on the iPhone and Android-based phones has gotten an overhaul, with Google updating the interface to make it more functional and elaborate.

They've also worked to improve speed, an important concern when dealing with these devices, and extended a hand to anyone who's ever had to make use of online apps over a flaky connection, by allowing users to compose messages or open recently read ones even if the data network is dropped or intermittent. Both BlackBerry and Android have their own standalone Gmail programs, whereas the iPhone does not. If Google can make a suitable web-based replacement, however, the company could drop standalone apps altogether and reduce development needs.