Looking to rival Alienware and the like, Fujitsu has announced it is producing a new gaming desktop PC which they claim will be the “fastest rig on the planet.” The bold claim came along no hardware specifications whatsoever, other than mentions of it using the “best of the best” components and something they refer to as “German ultra clocking” – whatever that might be.

The Japanese computer manufacturer is certainly hoping to build up hype for their upcoming gaming desktop line. Although we are not sure what to expect, perhaps we should give Fujitsu the benefit of the doubt; at the very least it will mean more competition in the high-end gaming segment. To keep us interested (or should I say confused) the company has also released a vague teaser video which just features some blurry visuals and a bunch of amusingly corny statements like “You can defeat all your enemies.” Interested? Check it out after the jump.