The Free Software Foundation is taking measures to deter IT decision makers from installing Windows 7. The foundation contacted 499 of the top Fortune 500 companies (Microsoft being the one excluded), and warned that upgrading to Windows 7 will result in a higher dependency on Microsoft. Instead, they encourage that the companies use GNU/Linux on systems.

The FSF has created a website,, where they make their case against Microsoft and proprietary software with a list of seven deadly sins. The list in full: invading privacy, poisoning education, locking users in, abusing standards, leveraging monopolistic behavior, enforcing DRM (Digital Restrictions Management), and threatening user security.

The non-profit organization is requesting donations to cover the cost of sending letters. If you care to fuel the fire, a $25 donation will support 50 letters and $100 will put 200 letters on the doorsteps of the decision makers.