Sony is reportedly planning to launch 3D televisions next year in an attempt to increase sales of flat screen sets. CEO Howard Stringer believes that 3D is on its way to becoming a mass-market technology. At today's IFA technology conference in Berlin, Stringer acknowledge that some kinks still need to be ironed out, but said that "the 3D train is on the track and Sony is ready to drive it home."

Sony's Bravia TV line will be their first 3D-equipped offering, but the company hopes to take it much further than that. Stringer wants to see 3D content brought to other devices like Sony's VAIO laptops, PlayStation 3, and its Blu-ray players. Sony has not disclosed how much they will be charging for the 3D-enabled Bravia sets, but it's safe to assume several thousand dollars.

The 3D movement is thought to be fueled by the cinematic success of 3D films. Many manufacturers have a newly spurred interest in producing 3D gadgets, among the larger names is LG and Samsung -- who plan to enter the market with 3D TVs of their own. Meanwhile, satellite broadcaster Sky is working to introduce a 3D channel next year.