AMD has launched two new notebook platforms, Tigris and Congo. The Sunnyvale-based chipmaker is calling Tigris a mainstream notebook platform aimed at those interested in using multimedia applications or 3D gaming, and it has already been picked up by eight OEMs. Congo is AMD's second-generation ultrathin platform.

According to an AMD spokesperson, Tigris delivers "fast, responsive performance on Windows 7" with HD audio and video on a 17" display. It supports full 1080p HD playback, DX10.1 graphics, encompasses AMD's 45nm Stars core, and offers up to 42% more performance when using digital media software, with 25% more battery life than previous AMD mobile platforms.

Meanwhile, the ultrathin Congo brings multi-core performance, ATI Radeon HD 3200 graphics, a dual channel memory controller, a low-profile BGA package, and an 800MHz hyper-transport. Both platforms serve as proof points for AMD's Vision marketing campaign.