A lot is happening over at Bethesda, who is busy still hammering out things for Fallout 3. One of the more interesting developments is the DLC schedule for the PlayStation 3, which has lagged behind the PC and Xbox 360. Originally, PS3 DLC was intended to arrive back in June -- but because of development delays that didn't happen.

Several months have passed since then with no firm word on when the expansions would actually become available. The long wait is over now, and those who own a PS3 copy of the game can expect DLC to be available one week from today on September 24.

It isn't just the PS3 version that's getting some attention. As the title's one-year anniversary approaches, Bethesda wants to stir some buzz by releasing a game of the year edition, which is due to ship on October 13. The most exciting part about the upcoming GOTY edition will be the inclusion of all the DLC released to date, wrapped up into nice package that will have a $50 price tag ($60 on consoles and 60 Euros in Europe).

It's too bad that people who have already purchased the DLC had to put down $10 for each installment, but I suppose that's the price you pay for getting it on release, as opposed to months later. With a complete package like this, it's possible Bethesda may also be able to bring the DLC to Steam -- which has been a bone of contention amongst some FO3 fans who opted for the digital copy.