E-Commerce Times is reporting that Verizon will offer the Pre in January as planned, despite recent rumors to the contrary. Yesterday, TheStreet.com published a story that claimed Verizon wouldn't carry the smartphone, due to friction over the Pre's mediocre sales performance and other discrepancies.

This is partially true, according to E-Commerce Times; Verizon and Palm have been scrapping over contract terms -- which is common. Carriers and device makers often struggle to settle on subsidy rates among other details. Being the largest wireless carrier in the US puts Verizon in a strong bargaining position, and the company isn't afraid to sidestep a deal -- Verizon turned down Apple's iPhone terms when it was first shopping for carriers.

Like TheStreet.com's report, E-Commerce Times has noted that the two companies could be locking horns over their respective application stores. Verizon may want its own VCast Store to back the Pre -- but Palm has its own. Neither company has responded directly to yesterday's rumor.