Last month, Netflix announced that they'd be adding a new piece of hardware to the growing list of gadgets that support Netflix streaming. That device was none other than the PlayStation 3, a suitable choice for growth given that Netflix is already supported on the Xbox 360. The only really surprising aspect of the whole affair was the timeline Netflix put forth, and as of tomorrow many PS3 owners who are also Netflix subscribers will be receiving the installation disc to make this all possible.

If you're a Netflix subscriber and asked for a disc, Netflix has already mailed them out, and will get into most people's hands by tomorrow. The PS3 will then join the Xbox 360, the Roku, TiVo DVRs, some standalone Blu-ray players and of course the PC as devices which can access streaming video through Netflix.

Netflix claimed recently that nearly half of their subscribers have used the streaming service within the past three months. That's a substantial amount, which is good news for those that pay for the service – it means that Netflix will no doubt have a keen interest in expanding it.

Though the online movie market is still arguably in its infancy, Netflix clearly has a huge advantage over existing and potential competitors, such as Amazon and Hulu.