G.Skill claims to have introduced the world's fastest DRAM modules, rated at DDR3 2200MHz with a latency of 7-10-10-28. Running at 1.65V, G.Skill designed the 4GB (2x2GB) kit for Intel's Lynnfield processors, and is targeting enthusiasts and gamers. The modules are furnished with the company's new PI series heatspreader, and will ship with G.Skill's Turbulence memory fan. The 2200 CL7 PI RAM series will be available through G.Skill's partners at an "affordable" price.

In other G.Skill news, the company has reportedly updated its SSD offering with the new Falcon II line based on the Indilinx ECO controller, 34nm NAND chips and with 64MB of cache. The Falcon II will ship soon in 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB capacities. The 64GB iteration will have maximum read and write speeds of 220MB/s and 110MB/s, while the 128GB and 256GB units will boast rates of 220MB/s and 150MB/s.

All of the drives are packaged in a 2.5" form factor, use SATA II, have support for Windows 7 TRIM, and will be backed by a two-year warranty. G.Skill has yet to disclose any prices.