According to NPD, Apple's Mac desktop computers accounted for nearly half of the United States' desktop retail revenue in October. The outfit said iMacs, Mac minis and Mac Pros represented 47.71% of the revenue from desktops at the retail level.

That figure is impressive when compared to previously recorded revenue shares. For instance, in October 2008 Mac desktops held about 33%. Apple's notebook business has also increased from 30% revenue share in April 2009 to 34% last month -- though that is still less than the 38% from a year ago. Conversely, Windows desktops and laptops held the remaining 52% and 66% of revenue share.

US Computer Revenue Data: October 2009
Computer Retail Revenue Share Average Selling Price
Windows Desktop 52% $491
Mac Desktop 48% $1,338
Windows Laptop 66% $519
Mac Laptop 34% $1,410

Some of Apple's gain can be attributed with the release of its updated iMacs during the same period that Windows PC sales fell ahead of Windows 7's October 22 launch, said NPD's vice president of industry analysis, Stephen Baker. He added, "While those are great numbers, that's probably not sustainable."

That said, even with a 40% revenue share, Apple would be well ahead of any single company selling Windows PCs.