Via subsidiary S3 Graphics has introduced the S3 Graphics Chrome 5400E x2, a dual-GPU graphics card designed for multi-display setups.

The Chrome 5400E x2 offers hardware acceleration for the latest HD video codecs, such as H.264, VC-1, and WMV-HD. Using S3 Graphics' PanoChrome technology, the card supports as many as four independent 1080p video streams on up to eight displays with several display modes. It also features Span, Extended and Clone view configurations, and has built-in Genlock support for synchronized source timing.

Via plans to ship samples of the Chrome 5400E x2 to the US next quarter, and possibly elsewhere at a later date. While we're accustomed to seeing $500 dual-GPU solutions, many single-GPU Chrome cards by S3 Graphics are below $100, so the 5400E x2 might be relatively affordable at launch. If you can't wait until then, AMD's Radeon HD 5670 supports up to four displays and starts at under $100.