Long time, no see!

Anyways. Things have been slow the last couple of weeks or longer, so trying to find things to post is a challenge. I've come across some random bits and pieces that haven't already been posted.

First off, there's a single-player version of the Black Hawk Down Demo out there. Before there was the multiplayer only, and the rumor is that a hybrid (SP & MP) demo may be out soon, but for now, there's the SP version at 3D Gamers, Worthplaying, and FileShack(or, if your a Laker fan "FileShaq"....um, on second thought, nevermind).

Also, me being the ever present Unreal anything fanatic around here, I've got a couple of pieces of info. First, there is a bonus pack due out from Epic and Digital Extremes for UT2K3. The Epic one is due out supposedly within the next week or two and is reported to contain new maps, new game types and only weigh in at a very petite 300MB. Question. Wasn't the demo like only around 100MB or so? And didn't it like almost "crash" the internet? (Before I get flamed, I know that's virtually impossible, but you know what I mean.) Anyways, I digress. The Digital Extremes one doesn't have a date, and may only have new maps. There's a couple of videos and screenshots pertaining to these packs at Beyond Unreal. Just do a search for "bonus pack". Also, Unreal 2: The Awakening, is due out very soon, as in the first week of February, and the official site Unreal2.com just got a large update with some Flash at the beginning and a video of gameplay (might I recommend the 57MB zipped mpeg file?) and a whole mess of screenshots. That's about all for now, I'll update more when I have it.

Oh, on a personal note, I'm engaged. Wedding's March 1st, 2003.