Recent leaks suggest that along with updating its ultra-low voltage mobile processors in the third quarter, Intel will add at least one more ultrathin notebook chip in the fourth quarter. The company recently delayed its CULV refresh, in part because of Acer's decision to reject the power-sipping chips in favor of Calpella-series processors for its TimelineX laptops.

The 1.33GHz Core i7-660UM is due this fall, and shortly after, Intel is expected to launch a speedier version. The Core i7-680UM reportedly has two cores with a base clock frequency of 1.46GHz and a peak Turbo Boost of 2.53GHz, integrated graphics clocked at 166MHz but capable of overclocking to 500MHz, 4MB of cache, and an 18W TDP.

Fudzilla notes that the Core i7-620UM and 640UM have been available to manufacturers since the first quarter, but they've only surfaced in a handful of systems.