Toshiba is reportedly working on the world's thinnest and lightest 13-inch notebook, according to some leaked photos shared by vozExpress. It's said the machine weighs about 1kg (around 2lbs) when outfitted with a solid-state drive, but despite its size, it still uses full-powered Intel processors thanks to a new CPU cooling system dubbed "Blaze Mountain."

Three main configurations are expected, with the cheapest model using Intel's 2.26GHz Core i3 and 4GB of RAM, while other two will scale up to the 2.4GHz Core i5 and 2.66GHz Core i7. The machine carries a 16:9 display, up to a 500GB HDD or 512GB SSD, and there's talk of a USB 3.0 dock and a SCiB (Super Charged ion Battery), which can charge up to 90% in 10 minutes and can last as long as 10 years.

The mystery machine is reminiscent of the Sony VAIO Z, Dell Adamo XPS, and MacBook Air, but it should surpass the latter two in terms of performance – and you can expect to pay handsomely for it. There's no indication on pricing, but it will supposedly launch this summer so further details shouldn't be far off.