With both major GPU camps now shipping DirectX 11 products, Futuremark Studios is preparing to roll out a new version of 3DMark with support for the latest standard. To build up some hype for the launch, the company has just released a "Deep Sea" video tech preview of MSI-branded submarines exploring the depths of dark waters.

The teaser is visually impressive, showing Futuremark's DirectX 11 engine running within an early build of 3DMark 11, complete with tessellation, depth of field, volumetric lighting, DirectCompute, and multi-threading in use:

The popular synthetic benchmark is often used in video card reviews around the Web (including our own), so its release, set for the third quarter, should make some noise. Pricing is unclear at this point, though a free version is expected. 3DMark Vantage, the version that is presently available, costs $6.95, $19.95, and $995 depending on the edition.