Although consumers remain skeptical about in-home 3D media, the entertainment industry is pressing forward with its largest rollout of 3D products to date. Headaches and hefty admission price aside, people tend to be put off by the goofy shades required to view extra-dimensional imagery. Well, glasses schmasses says Toshiba, who is supposedly readying a line of 3D TVs that can be watched without any special eyewear.

According to Japanese newspaper Yomiuri Shimbun, the manufacturer is cooking up the world's first glasses-free 3D television. The company has developed a "new" system that emits rays of light from various angles, forgoing the customary spectacles. This isn't the first time we've heard of a glasses-free 3D display, of course. Nintendo's next-generation handheld console, the 3DS, will also feature such a screen -- albeit much smaller than full-fledged TVs

Toshiba supposedly plans to ship three different models before Christmas and unsurprisingly, they'll reside in the several-thousand-dollar territory. When pinged for a comment, the company said it wasn't ready to make an announcement.