Best Buy's Geek Squad is generally known as a group that grossly overcharges for services that cost very little to perform, but this one takes the cake. The Staten Island, New York store is offering 120GB PS3 Slims for $329.98, which is an extra $29.99 on top of what the console goes for. Their explanation? The surcharge is for a firmware upgrade, according to Dual Shockers.

A typical system update requires about three button presses (system menu => system updates => update), not to mention if you try to play online or access the PlayStation Store, it will take even less effort because firmware updates are mandatory for those services. You can see how Best Buy is marketing the firmware update after the jump:

Best Buy's firmware update is an optional service, and no one has to purchase it. Nevertheless, the way Best Buy is advertising it is very unfair to new uneducated PS3 consumers. The retailer is making it seem like if you don't get the firmware update for $30, you're losing out. In reality, you're just getting ripped off.