It was around this time last year that details about Apple's iPad started leaking heavily, and given the company's annual product updates, it's no surprise that the "iPad 2" is starting to make headlines. DigiTimes reports today that Apple plans to ship three versions of its second-gen iPad, one with only Wi-Fi and two others with UMTS and CDMA connectivity.

The current line includes a Wi-Fi-only model and one that adds UMTS 3G backed by AT&T. Apparently, about 60 to 65% of existing iPad shipments are outfitted with 3G, suggesting that customers desire models with integrated WWAN support. Because of this, Apple is working more closely with carriers such as Verizon, who currently offers the iPad with a MiFi device.

DigiTimes' sources also said that Apple is developing an improved anti-smudge and anti-reflective treatment, which should address a common complaint about the iPad being a fingerprint magnet. Meanwhile, other recent leaks suggest that the iPad 2 will be slightly smaller with a flat back, a new speaker design, split volume controls, and a rear-mounted camera.

DigiTimes noted that Apple plans to gradually stop manufacturing the first-gen iPad soon, while mass production of the second-gen version will begin toward the second half of January. The site's sources expect Apple to begin selling the updated slate sometime between June and July, which is a couple of months later than this year's April launch for the original iPad.