AMD has finally added the Phenom II X4 840, 975 Black Edition, and X6 1065T to its price list. The processors were first introduced in January and although they've appeared in various hardware reviews, none have been available at the retail level. The 3.2GHz X4 840 serves as AMD's entry-level quad-core Phenom II processor, except it's based on the Propus core found in Athlon II products. As such, it features 4x512K L2 cache, no L3 cache, a 95W TDP, and AMD has set a list price of $105, just above the 3GHz Althon II X4 640.

The Phenom II X4 975 BE has the usual trimmings of a quad-core Phenom II: 45nm Deneb cores, 4x512K L2 cache, 6MB L3 cache, 125W TDP. At 3.6GHz, the X4 975 BE is AMD's fastest quad-core processor, and being a Black Edition chip, it's prime for overclocking with an unlocked multiplier. The new addition is priced at $195, or about $15 more than the 3.5GHz Phenom II X4 970 BE. Meanwhile, the Thuban-based 2.9GHz Phenom II X6 1065T is now AMD's quickest sub-100W hexa-core processor, and it's listed for $185.

Model Cores Frequency Old Price New Price Change
Phenom II X4 840 4 3.2GHz N/A $105 N/A
Phenom II X4 955 BE 4 3.2GHz $145 $135 -6.9%
Phenom II X4 965 BE 4 3.4GHz $165 $155 -6.1%
Phenom II X4 970 BE 4 3.5GHz $185 $175 -5.4%
Phenom II X4 975 BE 4 3.6GHz N/A $195 N/A
Phenom II X6 1055T 6 2.8GHz $199 $175 -12.1%
Phenom II X6 1065T 6 2.9GHz N/A $185 N/A
Phenom II X6 1075T 6 3.0GHz $199 $195 -2%
Phenom II X6 1090T BE 6 3.2GHz $235 $205 -12.8%
Phenom II X6 110T BE 6 3.3GHz $265 $239 -9.8%

In addition to listing its latest arrivals, AMD has lowered prices on its existing Phenom II X4 and X6 processors – though X2 models haven't been touched. The Phenom II X4 955 BE and 965 BE have been reduced by roughly 6% to their new $135 and $155 price points, while the X4 970 BE is $10 cheaper at $175. The X6 1055T and 1075T are now $175 and $195, both down from $199. Meanwhile, AMD's Black Edition hexa-core processors, the X6 1090T BE and 1100T BE, have been cut to $205 and $239, respectively.