Testing organization AV Test has published its latest round of anti-malware certification tests, with 22 products rated on a wide range of factors. This test was for Q1 2011 on Windows 7, and 17 of the 22 products were judged worthy of AV-Test's Certified badge, meaning five did not make the cut.

The suite of tests measured the products' real-time protection capabilities, scanning detection rates, cleaning and disinfection, and impact on the protected system. Each of three main categories earns products up to six points, with a total of 11 out of 18 required to earn a passing mark.

Here are the 17 products that passed (every single name is familiar to me, except for BullGuard):

  • Avast: Free AntiVirus 5.0 and 6.0
  • AVG: Internet Security 10.0
  • Avira: Premium Security Suite 10.0
  • BitDefender: Internet Security Suite 2011
  • BullGuard: Internet Security 10.0
  • Eset: Smart Security 4.2
  • F-Secure: Internet Security 2011
  • G Data: Internet Security 2011
  • Kaspersky: Internet Security 2011
  • Microsoft: Security Essentials 2.0
  • MicroWorld: eScan Internet Security Suite 11.0
  • Panda: Internet Security 2011
  • Sophos: Endpoint Security and Control 9.5
  • Sunbelt: Vipre Antivirus Premium 4.0
  • Symantec: Norton Internet Security 2011
  • Trend Micro: Titanium Internet Security 2011
  • Webroot: Internet Security Complete 7.0

BitDefender, F-Secure, and Symantec led the pack, all scoring 15 or higher from a possible 18 points. G Data, Kaspersky, and Panda, grabbed 14 points, AVG managed 13.5, and Sophos had 13. ESET, Trend Micro, and Webroot all put in a decent showing with 12.5 points, and GFI (formerly Sunbelt) took 12. Avast, Avira, eScan, and Microsoft only managed 11.5 points, while BullGuard just scraped a pass with 11.

Here are the five products that failed (these are also big names):

  • CA: Internet Security Suite 2011
  • Comodo: Internet Security Premium 5.0 and 5.3
  • McAfee: Total Protection 2011
  • Norman: Security Suite Pro 8.0
  • PC Tools: Internet Security 2011

The lowest scorers were Norman and McAfee, both with 8.5 points, and both had a large numbers of false positives. I'm happy to see that I have never recommended any of the five products above. Have you?

The next certification from AV Test, in Q2 2011, will focus on security products for Windows XP. We'll cover those results based on how this article is received by our readers.