DonanimHaber has published a report detailing what is supposedly the fastest mobile processor AMD plans to release in 2011, though this could be confused in translation. The A8-3530MX will launch as part of the company's Llano notebook APU lineup, featuring a 32nm fabrication and using AMD's new FS1 package, the chip is comprised of four processing cores along with an integrated graphics processor and embedded northbridge components.

The CPU cores operate at a base frequency of 1.9GHz with TurboCore speeds reaching up to 2.6GHz and are accompanied by 4MB of L2 cache. Graphics are handled by a Radeon HD 6620G clocked at 444MHz, and while that may seem sluggish compared to the 500MHz part inside the low-voltage E-240 and E-350, the HD 6620G has 400 shaders versus a paltry 80. The GPU will also have DirectX 11 support and the UVD 3.0 with hardware-accelerated Blu-ray 3D playback.

The A8-3530MX contains a dual-channel memory controller that supports DDR3 RAM up to 1600MHz, as well as a PCI-Express 2.0 hub that can handle discrete graphics. Despite cramming all of those components under one roof, the A8-3530MX is said to have a thermal envelope of 45W. DananimHaber mentioned that the Fusion chip will be paired with one of two southbridge chipsets: the A60M or the A70M. Both are largely identical, except the former lacks native USB 3.0 support.