MSI has launched the Android version of its popular Afterburner overclocking utility for graphics cards at Computex 2011. Co-developed by MSI and software programmer Nick Connors, the new Afterburner Overclocking App has been specifically designed to allow users to adjust or monitor frequency, temperature and voltage parameters on their PC's GPU over a Wi-Fi connection from their Android smartphone or tablet.

It works as a companion to Afterburner on the desktop, and though it won't give you any additional overclocking powers, MSI mentions a few scenarios where enthusiasts might find the new mobile app useful.

For instance users who like monitoring the performance of their graphics card while gaming or performing other demanding tasks, can do so without having to use a separate display and tweak settings on the fly without ALT+Tabbing out and interrupting the run.

Users can also remotely connect to their home computer and check how the graphics card is running while away, a convenient feature when running scientific computing programs that utilize the GPU such as Folding@Home.

MSI says the new Afterburner Overclocking App works not only with their motherboards and graphics cards, but with any other vendor's graphics cards too. The app is free and iOS variant is supposedly en route.