Following in on Seagate's footsteps, G-Technology, a subsidiary of Hitachi GST, has announced a personal storage device that can act as a companion to mobile devices with little storage capacity. Much like the GoFlex Satellite, the new G-Connect has a built-in Wireless-N access point that can stream stored content to any Wi-Fi-enabled device, including iOS and Android tablets or smartphones, and comes with a dedicated iOS app to make transfers easy.

Non-Apple devices can connect via a browser, and since it is also DLNA-complaint it will show up on your network as a media playback device that can be accessed with compatible devices such as the GoFlex TV, a PS3 console and more.

The G-Connect can be linked with up to five wireless devices simultaneously, whereas the GoFlex Satellite only supports three. But unlike the latter, G-Tech's drive doesn't include a built-in battery, so you'll have to use an AC adapter or a USB cable to keep it powered. On the upside, the G-Connect also comes with an Ethernet port for connecting to an existing network and doubles as a Wi-Fi Internet access point, allowing you to surf and stream content at the same time.

Another noteworthy feature of G-Technology's drive is that it supports public and private folders, so all your personal files and data won't be exposed when sharing your portable hard drive with friends and family.

The Hitachi G-Connect will be available next month in a single 500GB version for $200 through Hitachi's authorized retail and distribution channels or G-Technology's website. An app for Android-based devices will be available by fall.