Rockstar hackers LulzSec go out on a high Love them or loathe them, LulzSec, the mysterious group of hackers who got near-celebrity status with their showy cyber attacks on PBS, Sony and the CIA, have called it a day. Saturday marked 50 days since the group started causing mayhem online. Back in early May when LulzSec first announced via Twitter that it had hacked into a database of and published user details, hardly anyone had heard of them. Forbes

Apple may make more profit selling one Mac than HP does from 7 PCs Apple has a tall order ahead of it if the company ever plans to challenge some of its larger rivals in personal computer market in terms of volume shipments, but the profit the Mac maker currently takes home from the sale of each system may already be enough to spook its competition. AppleInsider

New tool ports Xbox 360 games to iOS, Web and soon Android, OS X ExEn is a port of XNA to Silverlight and iOS (and an Android version is in the works). It's licensed under MS-PL (open source) so you can start using it in your games right away, for free! See the included Documentation directory for information on getting started. Andrew Russell

Citi hackers made $2.7 million Citigroup suffered about US$2.7 million in losses after hackers found a way to steal credit card numbers from its website and post fraudulent charges. Citi acknowledged the breach earlier this month, saying hackers had accessed more than 360,000 Citi credit card accounts of U.S. customers. Computerworld

Seagate announces hard drives for tablets Thursday Seagate officially launched its new Momentus Thin line of HDDs in conjunction with the introduction of the upcoming ARCHOS 80 G9 8-inch tablet and the ARCHOS 101 G9 10.1-inch tablet, both of which will feature a Momentus Thin drive. Tom's Hardware

ISP-imposed censorship coming to Australia next month Two of Australia's biggest ISPs (and telcos), Telstra and Optus, will commence "voluntary" censorship of 500 websites to defend against "child abuse", even though the child abusers moved off the standard web a long time ago... Censorship in America

High tech investors slam Hollywood, blast Internet censorship bill The battle lines over online copyright enforcement sharpened on Thursday when dozens of prominent high-tech entrepreneurs and investors signed a letter urging members of Congress to reject the PROTECT IP Act. Ars Technica

VIA confirms development of server microprocessors, technologies VIA Technologies confirmed development of server-class microprocessors and supporting technologies. The firm, which once was the globe's largest supplier of chipsets, intends to address low-power servers initially. X-bit labs

Guild Wars 2: Changing the game ArenaNet's sequel to Guild Wars is not simply a prettier version of the original. Gone is the heavy instancing of explorable combat areas. In Guild Wars 2, the quest zones are open and filled with players. You can jump. You can swim and fight underwater. IGN