Pandora has removed the 40 hour listening cap on non-premium accounts effective immediately. The popular music streaming service announced the move alongside a new site layout and additional features on the company blog.

Pandora claims that the redesign has been in the works for over a year now with beta rollouts taking place over the past two months for select listeners. The new design features an HTML5 look which is said to be more responsive and easier to use. New, more familiar music controls have been added. Multiple new features also accompany the new look and unlimited listening.

Pandora has simplified station creation by adding more auto-complete choices and personalized suggestions when creating a new station or adding to an existing one. Another new feature allows you to discover music that your friends are listening to via enhanced listener profiles.

Stations will also now have a unique URL which will allow you to send the link to friends to enjoy. A new Share button lets you easily share a track or station on Facebook, Twitter or through email. Furthermore, more information about songs and artists is now provided, including lyrics and biographies when available.

The free service is still ad-supported, leaving a good reason to upgrade to the premium Pandora One service. Other paid features include higher quality audio streams, a desktop application and custom skins. A full year membership can be yours for $36.