If the awesome performance of Samsung's 830 Series SSD isn't enough to coax a few Benjamins out of your wallet, a new promotion might be enough to seal the deal. The new flash drives have landed on Newegg with pricing set at $130 and $230 for retail box versions of the 64GB and 128GB drives. Five other SKUs are available for preorder, including 256GB and 512GB drives, which are expected to ship on October 31.

According to an announcement by Samsung, for a limited time, folks who purchase a 128GB or higher capacity version of the 830 Series SSD are eligible to receive a free copy of Batman: Arkham City for PC as well as Norton Ghost. To be extra sure you're buying the right drive(s), here are the qualifying units: MZ-7PC128D/AM, MZ-7PC256D/AM, MZ-7PC512D/AM, MZ-7PC128N/AM, MZ-7PC256N/AM and MZ-7PC512N/AM.

The deal expires on December 31, 2011 and it's worth noting that Arkham City doesn't launch on PC until November 15, so while your order may ship with a redemption code, you won't be playing the game any sooner than the rest of us. So far, the console versions have been extremely well received with a score of 94 on our Product Finder engine and slightly higher on MetaCritic (95 on the Xbox 360 and 96 on the PS3).

Norton Ghost should be redeemable immediately, however, and it should make life a little easier when installing your new 830 Series SSD. Samsung says it'll "eliminate the need to reinstall applications, manually move data, and reconfigure user settings, reducing the time it takes to upgrade to an SSD by up to 75%." The 128GB drive currently in stock at Newegg comes with everything required to install the SSD in desktop.