Buy Samsung's SSD and get Batman: Arkham City, Norton Ghost free

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Oct 26, 2011
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  1. If the awesome performance of Samsung's 830 Series SSD isn't enough to coax a few Benjamins out of your wallet, a new promotion might be enough to seal the deal.…

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  2. 64GB? can someone tell me why would anyone get that kind of drive? ok ok..I bet a few will; but can someone answer this question for me: how much memory would just win7 and WoW take?

    i can answer that for you...more than 64GB. In fact, i have a 90GB ssd and have just win7 and WoW and only have about 20GB left.

    so yeah, you probably could install WoW, but would get those annoying "out of memory" messages all the time.
  3. 64GB drives still have their uses. Netbooks, Z68-based motherboards can use them as a disk cache, including writeback cache, they can be used in ZFS filesystems for various tables and caches too.

    Though they might not be popular, it doesn't hurt Samsung to sell a low capacity drive.
  4. With these prices, I might as well invest in a cryosleep chamber and then wake myself up in 3 years so I can afford an SSD bigger than 256GB.
  5. Picking one up once it arrives in retailers in Canada. It might cost a little more but I much prefer Samsung products when it comes to electronics, especially since they pretty much make everything in-house rather than just bought from the lowest bidding OEM.
  6. the only thing i see 30 - 60gbs used for .. is RAID. other then that .. pointless
  7. gwailo247

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    Pointless for us. For a regular (non gaming) PC user, it can be quite sufficient. If you consider that your average user probably just surfs the web, and keeps a good deal of their data on the cloud, it's not that bad. Couple that with a larger capacity hard drive for media storage, you're probably all set.

    On my computer back home I have a 90 GB SSD, and I keep everything except the OS and applications on other drives, and its only about half full. Sure, I don't get to keep all my Steam games on the SSD, but for the price that I paid, I'm pretty happy with the performance I was getting. My Steam folder, with everything loaded, is close to 250 GB, so I would need a prohibitively expensive SSD to keep all those games on the SSD along with the OS and other apps. For my use a small capacity SSD works just fine.

    30 GB is a little small, agreed, but for super basic use, like what my mom uses her computer for (internet and MS Office only), that would work as well.
  8. Well I have a Crucial M4 64GB on my desktop for my os (win 7 ultimate), programs and games (Grid, Cod + Cod united offensive and RBR rally and I still have 27gb free. I have another 1TB drive for data + 1tb external hdd. Works for me.
  9. I actually run my 11,6" Acer 1810TZ with a 32 GB Corsair Nova (Indilinx Barefoot).

    I'm a student on a budget, and 32 GB is adequate for Win7, Office 2010, Counter Strike: Condition Zero, Age of Empires II & III, VLC, dictionaries and my Dropbox-folder (694 MB). Though I only have 4 GB to spare, that's easily enough space for future homework, assignments etc.

    So even 30-32 GB SSD's do have a niche, albeit it is quite small.
  10. PinothyJ

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    What's that Guest? You have no freaken idea what you are talking about?

    The best utilisation of small capacity SSD is with the Intel Z68 Chipset's Smart Response Technology (SRT). This is a dynamic cache of data from your mechanical drive that only includes stuff that you access a lot. For an in-depth look at what it does and the benefits reaped from such an endeavour, check out Hardware Secret's five page article here:

  11. I have a 64GB SSD with WIN7 installed

    There are things you can do to keep windows file sizes down.

    Symlinks are a part of Win7 and can be used to offload program directories when programs dont give you the option of where to place their files (itunes iphone backups for example)

    I have about 30gb free on my SSD at any given time, though I use the drive as a system drive only and keep programs, media and backups on other HDDs.

    64GB is certainly small in this day and age, but it works well as a system only disk to keep windows running quickly
  12. The redemption webpage for Batman is a 404. -_-
  13. Computers are used for a lot of things other than WoW... You really only have 1 drive in your machine? Get a clue
  14. I purchased the Samsung 830 128 GB Solid State drive. In the box was s a promo card with the Batman game D.L. info. The only problem is in the downloading...I tried to D.L. the game and it froze my computer. After I cleared the PC and got the D.L. page back up it would no longer accept my D.L. code! I was treated as though everything had D.L.ed and no longer a valid code. Even the acknowledge E-mail was cancelled. The DL process is overly complicated and designed to fail for many...I have tried to get a new number but all I get is silence or a link to the paid order page! The message is clear...too bad sucker, it sucks to be you. Caveat emptor!!

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