Rosewill announced yesterday the latest addition to its performance and gaming product family, the Blackhawk-Ultra. The firm's latest addition offers the same features that made the original Blackhawk a success, adding plenty of internal real-estate space with its super-tower dimensions, measuring 240 x 635 x 660mm, finished in black inside and out, and weighing in at approximately 37 pounds.

On the outside, the top mounted I/O panel offers two USB2, two USB3, two audio ports and a dedicated SATA dock. The front, top and side panel are mostly mesh covered to aid with cooling, and the side window is configurable to allow up to four fans to be fitted in case you want some extra air flow for that burning multi-GPU setup.

The new chassis supports ATX, E-ATX, XL-ATX and HPTX (think EVGA's SR-2 beast) motherboards, as well as providing space for a second power supply. Inside you will find ten 3.5" hard disk bays, four 5.25" bays, plenty of options for those with water cooling setups and a plethora of cable routing options. GPUs up to 433mm (17") long are supported, and there are ten expansion slots mounted on the back of the case.

Taking care of heat dissipation are a total of eight cooling fans. In the front you will find two 140mm fans with optional red LED lighting, and two more 140mm fans behind the disk bays, one 140mm on the back, one 230mm on the side window and a further two 230mm fans with red LED's on the top of the case. The case is available now with a MSRP of $230, so it's definitely not as affordable as the original Blackhawk, not to mention it's competing with some titans in that price range coming from Cooler Master, Antec and Thermaltake.