Cracking the shell: Inside Newegg's east coast distribution center ...So I was more than a little excited when I was presented with the opportunity to tour Newegg's east coast order distribution center earlier this week. I couldn't wait to discover how the company moves so many products so quickly and whether the work environment was as cool as I imagined it to be. ExtremeTech

Andy Baio: Think you can hide, anonymous blogger? Two words: Google Analytics Last month, an anonymous blogger popped up on WordPress and Twitter, aiming a giant flamethrower at Mac-friendly writers like John Gruber, Marco Arment and MG Siegler. As he unleashed wave after wave of spittle-flecked rage at "Apple puppets" and "Cupertino douchebags," I was reminded again of John Gabriel's theory about the effects of online anonymity. Wired

Scientists create light from vacuum Scientists at Chalmers University of Technology have succeeded in creating light from vacuum - observing an effect first predicted over 40 years ago. The results will be published tomorrow (Wednesday) in the journal Nature. In an innovative experiment, the scientists have managed to capture some of the photons that are constantly appearing and disappearing in the vacuum. Physorg

5 Minutes on The Verge: Anand Shimpi Anand Shimpi is widely recognized as one of the most authoritative voices covering the PC industry today. Having started the eponymous as a teenager, he has now been informing the computer-buying world about CPUs, GPUs, SoCs, SSDs, and other acronym-friendly technology for over 14 years. Today, he was kind enough to chat with us for a few minutes... The Verge

Why Apple rejected AMD's Llano in the MacBook Air Apple's MacBook Air may have come close to shipping with AMD's "Llano" integrated CPU and GPU processors this past summer. According to unnamed sources speaking to SemiAccurate, Apple had Llano-based MacBook Air prototypes "on the verge of production" but ultimately decided on Intel's ultra-low voltage Sandy Bridge processors instead. Ars Technica

Occupy Flash aims to get rid of flash once and for all Call it the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup 2.0 of online programmer protests. "Occupy Flash" is blending the high visibility of the Occupy Wall Street movement with ongoing disgruntlement over Adobe's Flash multimedia platform to create a two-great-tastes-that-taste-great-together brand of social momentum to move everybody over to HTML 5 once and for all. PCMag

Raytheon gets $10.5M to develop "serious games" These aren't your basic video gaming systems here.  The US government gave Raytheon BBN Technologies a $10.5 million today to develop what it called "serious games" that result in better decision-making by teaching players to recognize and diminish the effects of their own biases when analyzing information used to make decisions. Network World

Incoming: Battlefield 3 update! The DICE team are hard at work supporting Battlefield 3. To date, we have implemented several server updates to improve stability and performance. Next week we are publishing a significant Battlefield 3 client update for the PC. Console patches take a bit longer due to the certification requirements for console content, but it will follow shortly after the PC update. Battlefield Blog

EU bans claim that water can prevent dehydration EU officials concluded that, following a three-year investigation, there was no evidence to prove the previously undisputed fact. Producers of bottled water are now forbidden by law from making the claim and will face a two-year jail sentence if they defy the edict, which comes into force in the UK next month. Telegraph