Over at this Japanese site they took a Barton 2500+ and oc'ed it to 3,2GHz using some LN2... These are the same guys with the highest 3DMark2K1 score BTW. They tend to overclock most things, you will need some babelfish power though, if you don't speak Japanese.

[H]ard|OCP is testing the all new rev 1.2 Abit NF7-S mainboard, discussing the improvements over rev 1.0. I have this board myself and can wholeheartedly recommend it to you guys...

There is also a new worm on the loose, I saw it on a mail server here in Sweden this Monday so it's still around, be sure to get the latest update for your antivirus program so that it can properly identify the W32/Ganda-A worm.

If you are running Win2K server be sure not to install the latest IIS patch because it might break your system!