For the next 30 days, Box will be offering 50GB of completely free online storage space to users who download their Android-based app. The generous amount of digital space earned through this offer is permanent and is available for both new and existing users of the service.

The special promotion appears to be Box's way of celebrating their International Android release, Box 1.6. The company has added support for several European languages, redesigned the interface and takes advantage of the action bar found in Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.x).

Existing Box users need only to download the newest version of the app on their phone or tablet and log in. Box newcomers should download the app and create an account on their Android device to ensure they receive the offer.

Finally, all users who grab the new Box for Android app by March 23 will receive 50GB of free file sharing and storage for the lifetime of their Box account.

Current Box users who want their 50 free GBs must update Box for Android 1.6 and log in from their Android smartphone or tablet. New users will need to sign up for a Box account from their Android device.

Box for Android 1.6 is available in the Android Market, Amazon Appstore, LG World, Verizon Store and Nook Store.


Just recently, Dropbox also offered their own promotion, letting users score an additional 5GB of digital cloud storage. However, Dropboxers were required to upload about 4.5GB of photos in order to cash in on the promo. Box's offer looks much more attractive.

Alternatively, Microsoft's Skydrive offers a generous 25GB of free cloud storage. However, Skydrive has long been criticized for its uncomfortably strict limitations, so many users have turned to other cloud storage providers. Microsoft has promised to address those concerns in the future, but offers just like this one from Box might kick them in the rear hard to enough to make them hurry up.

Also, we have recently heard that Google plans to offer its own cloud storage service and may possibly be based on a canned Google project called G-Drive -- a project who's origins can be traced all the way back to 2006. Google claims their official (and free) cloud storage service will be available in "the coming weeks". In addition, the company will provide paid tiers for users who would like to beef up their storage cap although few details exist.

Despite the news of an official solution, some intrepid users have already been enjoying their own version of G-Drive for a long time. Serivces such as Insync and Gladinet allow users to map a virtual drive which provides direct access to their own Google account's storage pool.

Despite the new ICS-centric interface, Box claims their new app is backwards compatible with most older versions of Android, although no specifics were given.

It's worth mentioning that similar offers have been promoted by Box in the past, including one for iPhone and iPad users.