Sharkoon has announced what is possibly the most affordable keyboard specifically designed for gamers. For €12.99 (roughly $15 and change), the Tactix offers most of the essential features you'd expect to find in a gaming keyboard, including support for up to 18 simultaneous key presses so your actions will always be registered – at least on paper.

It's unclear whether all keys are covered by the anti-ghosting measure or if it's only present on certain gaming-oriented keys (such as WASD and the surrounding buttons). The latter seems more likely. Regardless, it's a notch above what you'll find on similarly-priced keyboards and it should prevent complications when mashing several keys at once.

Likewise, you won't find many $15 keyboards that ship with easy-to-use software for remapping keys and configuring macros. Sharkoon's solution supports 10 different profiles with three layers each. It's unclear if all the keys are programmable and it's worth noting that the Tactix doesn't have dedicated macro keys or internal flash memory (settings are stored on your hard drive, so you'll need to carry a flash drive or use a service like Dropbox to sync profiles across several machines).

Besides functionality, Sharkoon aimed for an aggressive gaming aesthetic including rubberized blue keycaps for WASD and the arrows, though if that's not your thing, they can be swapped with the provided standard black keycaps. It's common for gaming keyboards to extend beyond 19 inches wide, but the Tactix is somewhat compact at 16.96 x 5.35 x 0.94 inches (5.35 inches presumably excludes its detachable wrist rest) . Sharkoon hasn't revealed when or if the product will hit US shelves.