ARM already holds the mobile GPU crown with their quad-core Mali-400 GPU found in the Galaxy S III while the already-announced but not-yet-released Mali T-604 was recently submitted for OpenCL 1.1 full profile conformance. There’s also the higher-end eight-core T-658 that’s scheduled to show up by the end of this year but ARM has piqued our interest even further by announcing three more GPUs to their already stacked roster.

The quad-core T-624 and the T-628 and T-678, both scalable up to eight cores, are described by Engadget as the next next-generation GPUs from ARM. These chips are said to deliver at least 50 percent more performance while maintaining the same silicon space and power requirements.

Specifically, ARM says these chips will allow for console-quality gaming and can run 4k and 8k video resolutions in addition to providing 60 FPS user interfaces on smartphones, smart TVs and tablets.

And if performance alone isn’t enough to get your attention, the company is taking things one step further by making a push to standardize mobile graphics with a new codec called Adaptive Scalable Texture Compression (ASTC). This codec, which takes up only two percent of real estate on the silicon, was submitted to standard-setting organization Khronos as an open source standard. The hope is that it will eliminate the fragmentation of standards as it supports all types of textures, color standards and bit-rates.

Seeing as how the T-604 was introduced nearly two years ago and still isn’t available, it could be several years before we see these new chips materialize into actual products.