Greenwave Reality has released a Wi-Fi controlled LED lighting kit that aims to give users complete control over their light sources while at home and away. It's not the first Wi-Fi bulb we've come across but it is one of the first available to purchase, albeit only through distribution and utility partners early on.

The kit, called the Connected Lighting Solution, includes four LED light bulbs, a remote control and a gateway box that links to your home router. Each LED bulb is equivalent to a standard 40-watt bulb, according to Greenwave CEO Greg Memo, but requires a fraction of the energy to equal the light output.

The kit is described as extremely simple to set up. Each bulb has its own IP address and is paired with the gateway box from the get-go. The bulbs communicate over the home network or even over the Internet using a smartphone or tablet app. Customers can create pre-set dimmers or timers to control lights while at work or have them flick on at night during vacation to deter would-be burglars.

Unfortunately you might have to wait a while before getting your hands on this technology. Since Greenwave is only selling directly to distribution and utility partners, you'll need to wait until it is offered through one of those outlets. 

Expect to pay around $200 for the starter kit which includes the aforementioned four LED bulbs, a remote control and a gateway box. Additional bulbs will likely retail for around $20 each. Greenwave's iOS app is already available for download in the Apple Store.