Razer’s gaming tablet concept, codenamed Project Fiona, was given the green light back in October after easily reaching a goal the company had set for itself of 10,000 Likes/Shares on Facebook to gauge public interest. The project soon began taking feedback on what the final version of the device should look like -- including specs, form factor, pricing, features -- and now Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan is sharing the results.

According to the company, the tablet will have at least an Intel Core i5 or i7 processor with an unnamed mid-range discrete GPU to handle gaming duties at 720p resolution. In terms of form factor the design apparently remains true to the initial prototype, with game controllers that latch on both sides of the tablet, and voters were apparently okay with total thickness up to twice of the iPad for the sake of power.

There was no mention of battery life or any other specs and features, though based on previous information we know it should have a 10.1-inch display and run the full x86 edition of Windows 8.

Razer says this has to be the first gaming tablet designed “For Gamers. By Gamers.” Whether that’s a recipe for success remains to be seen, specially at the quoted price target between $1,299 and $1,499. A firm ship date has yet to be announced, though an FCC filing in October suggest the project is marching along.

The company is no stranger to premium-priced gaming hardware. Earlier this year, after a couple of delays, Razer jumped into the notebook market with the $2,800 Blade and called it the first true gaming laptop. Though they won’t release sales figures, the company claims that the original Blade was a sales hit, with demand outpacing supply in the first number of weeks after it went on sale. The refreshed model now starts at $2,499.