Along with a slew of tablets, notebooks and all-in-one computers, Lenovo has unveiled a new gaming desktop at CES. Due to ship in June for a starting price of $1,499, the Erazer X700 could prove to be a solid option for someone who wants a relatively high-end gaming rig without the going through the hassle of building one themselves or paying the hefty premium that inevitably comes with boutique outfits.

Unfortunately, it's not entirely clear yet what that $1,499 will get you. At the top end of things, the company boasts that it'll offer a third-generation quad-core Intel Core i7 processor and you'll be able to pick between AMD or Nvidia graphics, with the former maxing out at dual Radeon HD 8950s in CrossFire and the latter topping out at two GeForce GTX 660s in SLI – configurations that should handle most games.

Lenovo also plans to let you install a healthy amount of RAM (we've seen conflicting numbers between 16GB and 32GB – plenty regardless), as well as up to 4TB of mechanical storage and 256GB of flash storage. The front of the chassis has a case door that hides three spare 5.25-inch bays, a hot-swappable hard drive bay, a DVD burner and a multi-card reader, while there seems to be at least four internal hard drive bays.

Aesthetically, the Erazer X700 has an Alienware vibe to it, and it's clear that Lenovo is targeting a similar market. To accompany the high-end hardware, the company has equipped its new desktop with Onekey technology, which lets you overclock your processor at the press of a button without mucking around in the BIOS. As the cherry on top, the processor seems to be cooled by a small self-contained liquid cooling unit.