AMD is set to replace the current generation A-series "Trinity" APUs with updated parts that are said to offer a performance boost of 20% to 40% over their predecessors. The company has said these new APUs, codenamed Richland, are already shipping to OEMs and now more details are starting to surface.

According to Chinese website Expreview, the initial lineup for desktops will consist of four quad core models and a couple of dual core chips. Leading the pack is the A10-6800K featuring four cores in two CPU modules, built in Radeon HD 8670D mobile graphics, a 100W TDP, and as the 'K' suffix denotes it will come with unlocked CPU multipliers as well as unlocked iGPU stream processors to make over clocking a breeze.

Next up the quad core A8-6600K maintains the 100W power rating and unlocked design but offers lower clock speeds and steps down to Radeon HD 8570D integrated graphics. A couple of 65W quad-core variants will be available as the A10-6700 and A8-6500, equipped with HD 8670D and HD 8570D IGPs respectively, but offering lower clock speeds to keep power consumption down and locked 'non-K' designs.

Lastly, a couple of dual core APUs with 65W TDPs will be available in the form of the unlocked A6-6400K with HD 8470D integrated graphics and the A4-6300 featuring HD 8430D integrated graphics. Details such as base and Turbo clock speeds for all the aforementioned parts remain unknown at this point.

Richland APUs are essentially a tweaked version of Trinity, built using the same 32nm process and "Piledriver" CPU micro-architecture, but featuring higher clock speeds and updated Radeon HD 8000 series graphics as well as a faster DDR3-2133 MHz dual-channel IMC. They are expected to hit the market in Q2 2013 and will be replaced later this year with the 28nm Kaveri APU – that is if AMD doesn't bump into any more delays.