Crytek is now accepting beta applications for their upcoming free-to-play game called Warface, powered by CryENGINE 3. The program is being run through GFace, Crytek's social networking service that's still operating under a closed beta.

A description on the game's website says the title will take players to a wide variety of breathtaking locations, placing gamers in some of the deadliest warzones on the planet. Innovative game design is said to deliver intuitive controls and fast-paced action where teamwork is essential for survival.

There are a number of different game play options including a frequently updated PVE universe with co-op missions that reward players for teamwork and individual skill. There's also a full set of class-based PVP modes to cater to those with a competitive nature and a mode that pits "freeloaders" against those that have paid for in-game content. That alone sounds rather interesting if you ask me.

The game is said to rival what most players expect from a PC-based military shooter without setting you back $50-60 from the get-go. Cryteck CEO Cevat Yerli noted last year that their free-to-play titles would have the highest development quality with budgets ranging from $10 million to $30 million.

Optional paid content will no doubt be part of Warface but with any luck, it'll be limited to things like outfits and other frivolous accessories that won't impact the overall game play.

Those interested in signing up for the beta can do so now by visiting the official Warface website.