Nvidia is set to formally introduce its new NV35 graphics chip at E3, to be held in Los Angeles from May 14-16, says Digitimes.

Microsoft is preparing a new test version of its upcoming Office 2003 desktop software, which will delay the final release of the product until later this year.

With NVIDIA's nForce3 Pro chipset on the way, you may be tempted to use AMD's Opteron in your personal machine. How does the Opteron perform in desktop environments? Anand puts it to the test.

Check your phone bill: Consumers and small business across the country report 'cramming'--small, easily overlooked charges for unordered services.

Microsoft issues benchmarks favouring AMD over Intel, using in-house benchmark methods, MS found Opteron performance to be better than that of Xeon's, give those a look here.

Lufthansa German Airlines sees "no reason whatsoever" to ground plans to offer high-speed Web access to passengers in 2004, an executive close to the company's program said Thursday.

Activision has released the Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory test which will be a standalone free product when released, won't need an original copy of RTCW either. The final release version of ET will include six multiplayer maps and a full campaign mode.