Nvidia has expanded its notebook graphics lineup with a handful of new models that should be rolling out in systems from major vendors over the coming weeks and months. All five new parts are members of the Kepler-based GeForce 700M family, which had already consisted of the previously launched 710M and 730M. Those chips are now accompanied by the GeForce GT 720M, 735M, 740M, 745M and 750M.

It's unclear precisely how much of a performance difference the new 700M GPUs bring over the Fermi-based 600M range. Nvidia says the increase is significant, though this seems to be claimed in a broader context of the word performance, particularly including efficiency gains, which bring improvements to battery life, thermal loads and fan noise, as well as enabling thinner, lighter chassis materials.

For whatever it's worth, the company writes that the 700M series can deliver 90fps in StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm, 65fps in TES V: Skyrim, 66fps in Batman: Arkham City, 48fps in Battlefield 3 and 64fps in Shogun 2: Total War when playing on medium quality settings. Nvidia also offers this graph showing the 700M GPUs performing many times better than the integrated HD 4000 solution in Intel's processors:

Notebooks that ship with a 700M will naturally ship with Nvidia's Optimus graphics switching feature, which toggles between discrete and integrated graphics chips depending on workload intensity. You can also expect other technologies including GPU Boost 2.0, which dynamically adjusts your GPU's clock speed, as well as GeForce Experience, Nvidia's automated game configuration and driver update engine.