Razer has rolled out a public beta for their new all-in-one communications solution for gamers, dubbed Razer Comms. The new service combines a VoIP client, instant messaging and IRC-chat features to offer gamers all over the world a way of communicating with each other without losing focus on whatever they're playing.

The Windows-only application supports one-to-one chats as well as group discussions via voice or text, but the real highlight is the ability to do this with an in-game overlay that's said to seamlessly integrate with PC games. Users can set this overlay to display either a small window or smaller ticker that shows who's speaking.

Download: Razer Comms for Windows

Razer also promises an ultra-fast server infrastructure and complex audio algorithms for noise reduction and echo cancellation to give you the most precise, crisp and clear communication with no time-outs or lag spikes.

Of course, many multiplayer games released today already have chat functionality baked in, not to mention platforms like Steam that support the feature across its entire game library. But Razer believes gamers will still be interested in a game-agnostic solution that'll take on similar third party options like Teamspeak or Ventrilo.

The service reportedly originated as an internal project built on the spare "10 percent passion time" of a couple of Razer engineers. But after receiving many requests to make it widely available, the company says it made the decision to turn Comms into a fully supported project with a designated team working on it.