LG is officially bringing the world's first curved OLED display to market this June. The company is currently taking preorders with a price tag of 15 million Korean Won (about $13,500). However, LG is only accepting these preorders for the curved OLED in South Korea, with plans to announce availability for the rest of the world in the coming months. That means those outside of South Korea will have to look on with envy for now.

The curved 55EA9800 features a 55-inch display, a tiny 4.3mm (0.17 inches) side profile, and weighs only a slim 17kg (37.48 pounds). Having such a thin profile does not leave much space for speakers, and as such, LG has integrated what it calls "thin transparent film speakers" into the stand. This allows the company to maintain the slim lines of the curved screen while still being able to deliver sound to the display.

LG claims that the curved OLED display delivers an "IMAX-like" viewing experience. The company has spent the last five years researching the proper curvature for the display, with the goal of making the entire screen surface equidistant to the viewer's eye. This supposedly does away with the distortion and loss of detail often seen at the very edge of the screen.

This announcement, and the standard OLEDs that were first released to Korean customers in February, puts LG in a dominant position in the OLED market. In fact, LG cites DisplaySearch data suggesting that its lead in the OLED field could grow to as high as 7 million units by 2016.