Add another new topic to the expanding list of things we can expect to see at Google I/O this week. A brand new build of Google Play Services recently found its way to the gang over at Android Police which highlights some major changes in store including Google Play Games - a full-featured gaming service akin to Game Center on iOS and Games Hub on Windows Phone.

The service isn't live just yet but things like the settings app already work which reveals a ton of information about it. From here, users will be able to enable game notifications, show muted games and manage who can send notifications (managed by Google+, naturally). In fact, all identity work done by the service is being managed by Google's social network. No surprise here, really.

The new Play Services app also includes evidence of a save synching feature as well as capabilities for matchmaking and handling invites. The service will even be able to "auto pick" players which means there's likely an option to do that manually, too. Code also shows that rooms have a limited number of slots although the ceiling isn't known at this time.

As one might expect from a service of this caliber, things like achievements, in-game chat, scoring, lobbies and leaderboards all come standard as part of the new wave of social gaming. But since a lot of the stuff isn't functional yet, we likely won't know the full scope of Google Play Games until later this week.